Riso Printing

We have two A4 (GR 1750) and one A3 (MZ 1070E) risograph machines at PrintRoom and 11 colours between them.

Risograph (‘riso’) printing is a unique form of high speed stencil printing, which is somewhere between lo-fi scren printing and hi-tech digital printing, old and new, imperfect and mechanical. It is relatively fast, cheap and environmentally friendly, ideal for printing editions of 10 to 8000 prints.

Riso printing is used for producing books, zines, flyers, magazines, posters, artist’s prints, invites, catalogues, business cards, and many other kinds of printed matter.

Look at our calendar page for announcements regarding Riso-workshops and other (print) projects.

For questions about printing or to sign up to our regular riso printing workshops email us at info(at)printroom.org, or drop by  the space at opening hours.

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