12.1.2018, Ian Whittlesea: Some books and light to read them by

Some books and light to read them by  

Books and installation by Ian Whittlesea

7 – 10 pm

In conversation with Eline Verstegen

From 13 January to 13 February 2018, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Ian Whittlesea’s A Breathing Bulb will shine its light on the books he has published over the last decade and a selection of items from the archive of printed matter that informed their production.  

To accompany the display Eline Verstegen has written an essay on Whittlesea’s work, to be published as an illustrated booklet by PrintRoom.

The booklet (like the invitation) is set in Sol Sans, a typeface designed by Whittlesea. Sol Sans is based on Sol LeWitt’s handwritten Sentences on Conceptual Art first published in 0-9, New York in 1969. Any letters not used in LeWitt’s original text have been replaced by Helvetica Medium.

More information:  
Ian Whittlesea (b. 1967, Isleworth, UK) is an artist whose work is concerned with the ability of text to transform the physical and psychic state of the viewer. He has worked with The Everyday Press, London to publish a series of books that have been collectively described as ‘instruction manuals for transcendental exercise’. His translation of Yves Klein’s Les Fondements du Judo was published in 2009, and his newly appended edition of Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture in 2012. Becoming Invisible, published in 2014, is a visual primer that draws on the literature of Rosicrucianism, theosophy and esoteric yoga. It describes how, through visualisation and breathing exercises, the reader will be able to split light into its constituent parts and then recombine the seven colours of the spectrum to form a glowing white cloud that envelops its creator. His most recent book is The Egyptian Postures, an illustrated guide to the advanced Mazdaznan exercises that Johannes Itten taught his students at the Bauhaus.  

Eline Verstegen (b. 1991, Antwerp, BE) is an independent curator and writer based in Antwerp and London. She holds an MA in History from the University of Antwerp, where she specialized in 19th and 20th-century (art) history, and an MA in Curating the Contemporary from London Metropolitan University and the Whitechapel Gallery. Her curatorial practice is informed by a keen interest in immersive installations, atmospheres and environments, and by an attention to multidisciplinary cross-overs with the performing arts, film, literature, philosophy and cultural theory. She recently worked with the curatorial teams at Whitechapel Gallery on Art Night 2017, London and she is currently involved with the contemporary art platform Tique in Antwerp.




Happy 2018!! PrintRoom is closed until 10 January

21.12.17: WRAP-UP! Riso Print worksop by Topo Copy (BE)

Print your own wrapping paper /poster, or join the collaborative print-jam.

Thursday 21 December 2017, 12.00 – 16.00

Email us if you’d like to join and we’ll send you more information: info@printroom.org



16.12.17, 2 – 6 PM Like Something is Brewing, About to Begin

An afternoon presenting projects that are literally and figuratively brewing at PrintRoom.

Clara Lobregat Balaguer (PH), PrintRoom Publisher in Residency
Then an in-conversation with Florian Cramer

Followed by NETbook presentations:
SEAWEED by guest editor Aletta de Jong
RAINWATER AUTUMN ALE by guest editor Henriette Waal

Readings by Miek Zwamborn and Vytenis Burokas
Food by Maki Oishi
Beer tasting: NETbooks’ own Rainwater Autumn Ale

NETbooks is a series of publications initiated by X Marks the Bökship and PrintRoom which takes self-publishing as a starting point for other “self-reliance” projects. These projects are made by a small group of artists and designers – often after a collaborative exercise or workshop – and distributed via like-minded small publishers and publishing platforms using Risograph printing facilities. Each NETbook dips into a particular field of knowledge and presents a selection of findings with an emphasis on process, sharing and collective experience.

Aletta de Jong’s ‘Drugstore’ project examines a wide range of applications for seaweed – past, present, and future – as a way of exploring the interactions between locations, commodities, and people. This inquiry delves into discussions concerning energy, food, and ownership.

Henriëtte Waal is an artist and designer who came to beer brewing through research into water purification. Interested in the relationship between people and their surrounding environments, Henriëtte’s experiments with brewing focus on the social, ethical, and cultural function of beer. Her Buitenbrouwerij has travelled worldwide since its inception in Tilburg in 2009. She is artistic research director of atelier LUMA, a design research lab in Arles, and since 2013 has taught in the Social Design Master Program at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Design NETbooks: Dongyoung Lee

Miek Zwamborn is an author, translator and artist. Her practice often delves into archival collections, drawing on the suggestive possibility of historical materials, letters, texts, objects and artefacts in order to create semi-factual narratives. Through installations, performance, and photography, Zwamborn imbues her source material with a rigorous sense of subjective and the speculative. In this way, her work not only traces the lives of her subjects but her own experiences as a researcher and writer. Each work claims its own place within the story, becoming an indispensable branch of the greater rhizome. 

Zwamborn has published the novels Oploper (2000, Meulenhoff) and Vallend Hout (2004, Meulenhoff), the poetry book Het krieken van sepia (2008, Slibreeks) and De duimsprong (2013, Van Oorschot).

Vytenis Burokas (Vilnius, Lithuania) is an artist and curator. He is interested in visible and invisible manifestations of history and memory fragments. He appears in public socio-cultural context by documenting passing time and responds to it with choreography, installations, movements, narratives. Vytenis tries to highlight inherited cultural leftovers, traces, slips of a tongue and language as well as to create new cultural artefacts. He is focused on rituals and happenings in social environments and architecture.

Vytenis has received Contemporary Sculpture BA, MA and Art Education from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (2009-2015) and completed the Rupert Educational Program in Vilnius (2013-2014). He has exhibited or performed in Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, LT), Autarkia (Vilnius), 427 (Riga), Komplot (Brussels, BE), Šiauliai Art Gallery (Šiauliai, LT), Nida Art Colony (Nida, LT), Granada Film Festival (Granada, Spain), Rupert (Vilnius, LT). He recently co-curated exhibition Citynature: Vilnius and Beyond at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius), Parade at Klaipėda Culture Comunication Center (Klaipėda), Another Crossroads of Epochs at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius) etc.

November -December 2017: Clara Lobregat Balaguer – Publisher in Residence

Meet our publisher in residence: 

Clara Lobregat Balaguer 

Clara Lobregat Balaguer, photo by Adrià Cañameras

Clara Lobregat Balaguer (Manila,1980) is a cultural worker interested in the decolonization of cultural production most especially through the lens of the contemporary vernacular. She founded The Office of Culture and Design in 2010, a platform through which she articulates research, residencies, and social practice projects in the Philippines. She explores collaborative authorship through the clandestine publishing of Hardworking Goodlooking, a cottage-industry fueled imprint co-founded in 2013 with Filipino-American graphic designer Kristian Henson. She has lectured at Walker Art Center, Harvard GSD, MIT, Strelka Moscow, MoMA PS1, Triple Canopy, Hanyang University Seoul, and University of the Philippines. Her work has been exhibited and performed at Asia Culture Center, Singapore Art Museum, Art Dubai, Hangar Barcelona, and La Capella.

A publishing performance on the politics of what isn’t funny
A post-humor** joke book

For 8 weeks, Balaguer will gather, exchange, generate, and pirate information on the use of post-humor for waging of (gender) politics in the Philippines and its diaspora. With the backdrop of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s neofascist dictatorship budding in her home country—disguised on the surface as populism, but actually furthering an elitist technocratic agenda for globalizing progress at the expense of the most poor—, Balaguer has planned a series of activities with different institutions and collaborators in Rotterdam. Their intent is to bridge the gap between post-humorous political events in the Philippines and how they correlate to Western sociopolitical landscapes battling the rise of the anti-immigrant alt-right. This project follows Balaguer’s long-term research into online ideological trolling, which combines the exploration of hateful rabbit holes on social media with IRL activist and community engagement, the latter being an antidote for the anxiety caused by the former. The results of the relationships and activities performed during her residency will culminate in a publication made at PrintRoom.

*Lang means “only” in Tagalog
**Post-humor is defined according to a trend identified in young Spanish comedy that has, according to some (vernacular) cultural commentators, spanned the last ten years of humorous practice. It is understood as comedy in which the primary intent is not to make people laugh but rather to make them uncomfortable, sensation that then induces hilarity.

Hard Working Good Looking 2014 NY Art Book Fair

27 October 7 – 10 pm: PrintRoom’s Pick from the NY Art Book Fair 2017

PrintRoom was in NY for the annual art book fair organised by Printed Matter. We celebrate this year’s harvest with fair exhibitors and a selection of the books we brought back for you. 
Presentations by:
– Tania Prill: Under the Radar: Underground Zines and  Self-Publications 1965 – 1975,
– Bik Van der Pol : WERE IT AS IF & School of Missing Studies
– Werkplaats Typografie (WT)
members:  —  Line Gry-Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin Gewinner
– a presentation of the new finds from the Fair, introduced by PrintRoom
 Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975, 
Tania Prill, Swiss graphic designer and co-editor of the book Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications will introduce the audience into the world of hectographs, mimeographs, and offset printing of the mid-1960s when small, low-cost print runs with their unique aesthetic were developed: using wild mock-ups, “messianic amateurs” combined typescript aesthetics, handwriting, scribbled drawings, assemblages of collaged visuals, porn photos, snapshots, and comic strips. This book is the first to present the underground and self-published works that came out of West Germany in such depth, while also showing the international context in which they emerged: not as an anecdotal history but as an attempt to tap into the aesthetic cosmos of a Do-It-Yourself rebellion, one that also challenges us to take a new look at the current boom in “independent publishing”, the risograph aesthetic, and so on. Published by Spector Books

The book follows their exhibition WERE IT AS IF at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, and includes different views enlisting the power, and value over time, of fragments and traces as springs of provocation. What does it mean to form a “collection of traces” of a contemporary art institute? Can staging a history through exhibition fragments be seen as an act of resistance pitting against the constant task of accumulation?
School of Missing Studies
The School of Missing Studies started in 2003 as an initiative of artists and architects who recognized “the missing” as a matter of urgency. Investigating what culture(s) laid the foundations for the loss we are experiencing from modernization and how this loss can talk back to us as a potential site of learning. Published by Sternberg Press and Sandberg Institute

Fruits of Fraud
by Werkplaats Typografie (WT) members:  —  Line Gry-Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin Gewinner
Approaches to what? It’s time to reflect and question things. Particularly the common goods. Those certain ones, which make the personal cravings of materiality reach the abstract and inner landscape of values. What is it about these t-shirts, records, benches, fish tanks, lamps, wine books, bike rain covers, natural pigments, agendas, playing cards and therapy bowls of ours? Is it reflections of market movements, guilty pleasures, memorabilia? Werkplaats Typografie will present an inventory of items, exhausted and for sale.
Books by: 
Soberscove Press, Inventory Press, Library of the Printed Web, antoine lefebvre editions, &editions, Spector Books, Franklin Furnace, Pioneer Books, Issue Press, Diagonal Press, Sergej Vutuc, Endless Editions, Printed Matter, Lugemik, Ugly Duckling Presse, Primary Information, Ediciones Popolet, Onomatopee, Fukt Magazine, DIABP, Edition Fink, Misaki Kawai, Mark Pawson, RE/Search / Search and Destroy, Roma Publications, Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E, Knust / Extrapool, Temporary Services / Half Letter Press, Guerilla Girls,  Stefan Marx, Nieves, Innen Zines, Research and Destroy New York City, Gato Negro, A.R.T. Press, Paper Monuments, New Documents, Fillip, Girls Like Us, Gloria Glitzer, supersupersuper, among others.

14 October 2017, 2.30 – 6 pm: Remember, Resist and Remake Reading Group by Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Kaireh

Join Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Khaireh for an informal reading group covering seminal text‘Rethinking Aesthetics’ by Sylvia Wynter with consideration to migration routes into Western cities and navigating social spaces as documented and undocumented citizens.


In collaboration with Printroom, the research and discoveries that arise from this session will be used to produce printed matter (pamphlets and posters) in the political​style of protest art for ​free ​distribution to the public​.

​ Supporting this session we will be using ethnographic examples from the squatters movement in the UK and NL.
Wanna join us at the reading group? 

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