Happy Holidays from the PrintRoom team!

We’d like to wish you all a happy new year!!

PrintRoom will reopen on Thursday 12 January at 12.

Gloria Glitzer

Gloria Glitzer

Saturday 17 December: RISO PRINT WORKSHOP

Saturday 17 December, 1 – 4 pm at PrintRoom

RISO WORKSHOP by the PrintRoom team

Explore the wonders and possibilities of risograph printing! We’ll show you examples of work by our favorite artists and designers working in this technique*.
You can bring your own design (bring your laptop) or improvise; draw with markers, cut and paste while we go. Basic equipment and materials are provided.
Each participants will go home with 20 A3 prints in 2 or three colours.
costs: 35 euro
*Sigrid Calon, Maura Biava and Moritz Grünke (We Make It) have work installed at PrintRoom this month.

please email us if you want to participate: info at printroom dot org





2 December: Salon HOHOL* take-away publishing lunch, film presentation with Clara Balaguer

*Hang out hang out lang (only) is Manila slang for when you go on a platonic date. Related to MOMOL or make out make out lang, which is self-explanatory.

One day of meetings, talks and screenings with Clara Balaguer from Office of Culture and Design, in preparation of the PrintRoom publishing residency in 2017. We look forward to having her here in September 2017!


The OCD is a research and project production platform for social practice in art and design. Since 2010, The OCD has funded and organized residencies for artists who wish to immerse in underserved communities. The OCD creates multi-morphous projects that address and unpack social issues. In 2013, The OCD founded its own graphic design studio and imprint, Hardworking Goodlooking, which serves to present the results of their experiments (and those of others) in print and other formats. Both The OCD and HWGL are interested in the decolonisation of Philippine cultural discourse, most especially through the lens of the contemporary vernacular.

Hardworking Goodlooking (HWGL) is a publishing and graphic design hauz interested in decolonization of aesthetic voices, vernacular artisanry and giving value to the invisible. Primarily, they publish cultural research and theory, printed in very, very small cottage-industry presses in the Philippines. But they also work with small and large studio clients in order to fund or generate original content for the social practice projects of The Office of Culture and Design (The OCD). HWGL works out of Brooklyn and Parañaque City.

Clara Lobregat Balaguer (Manila,1980) is a social practice artist and independent researcher interested in the decolonization of Filipino cultural production most especially through the lens of the contemporary vernacular. She founded The Office of Culture and Design in 2010, a platform through which she articulates research, residencies and social practice projects, mostly for culturally underserved communities in the Philippines. She has released one book as author and nine as publisher at the helm of the imprint Hardworking Goodlooking, which she co-founded in 2013 with Filipino-American graphic designer, Kristian Henson (MFA Yale). She has lectured at Harvard GSD, MIT, Strelka Moscow, RISD, MoMA PS1, AIGA-Museum of Art and Design NY, Triple Canopy, Hanyang University (Seoul), Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines, Diliman. She has exhibited work and publications at Asia Culture Center, Art Dubai, Gwangju Biennale, Singapore Art Museum, New York University (NYU), Hangar and La Capella.


Saturday 26 November 2016: NITTY GRITTY // BOOK // SPACE // PRINT // PARTY

book presentations, artist talk, exhibition of print work and the We Make It RISO herbarium, live print party

4 – 7 pm at PrintRoom


-Maura Biava: Dutch launch of Form Informed, exhibition of prints

-Sigrid Calon: book presentation and exhibition of prints

-Moritz Grünke: talk on publishing house Gloria Glitzer and art space /print workshop We Make It 

RISO jam session by Maura Biava, Sigrid Calon and Moritz Grünken. They will improvise and collaboratively produce a variety of posters and wrapping paper that will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

 The presentation runs until January 14th.

More information:
In her book Form Informed Maura Biava brings together 30 mathematical formulas of European mathematicians (and philosophers, theologists, artists) from the 17th to the 19th century such as Newton, Pascal, Dürer, Descartes and Bernoulli. With the help of maths expert Annamaria Ricotti, Biava uses a computer program to create out of these two dimensional shapes new three dimensional forms. The graphic representations of the formulas become new bi-dimensional figures, which is emphasized by the printing method of overlaying but not entirely overlapping colours.
Form Informed is designed by Meeusontwerpt, Riso printed in ten colours at Van Eyck Academie and published by Konnotation
Sigrid Calon builds compositions using patterned structures adapted from embroidery or other grids and shapes derived from everyday life. To equal the intensity and craft of embroidery she started to use stencil printing and in this technique she made her first artist book titled ‘/ | &’, which was quickly sold out. In her next book ‘When letters become patterns’, the embroidery patterns transformed into letters. Her most recent book ‘Qwerty’ is the next step in this development. It is based on working with the function and form of computer keyboard.
‘We Make it’ is a Risograph print studio and exhibition space by Franziska Brandt und Moritz Grünke based in Berlin. In 2007 they founded Gloria Glitzer, a small press for artists books. Since then they publish artists’ books and zines, attend (and co-organise) international artbook fairs, publish the blog Art-Zines (now on a temporary vacation/or: until march 2015?) and curate  exhibitions on self-publishing by artists.
We Make it also hosts the Herbarium Riso, a public library on risograph printed artists’ publications.

Sunday 6 November: LET’S MAKE IT LAST! fermentation workshop by Edible Alchemy

talk  // taste // create // ferment

3 – 5 pm at SNV community gardens, Roel Langerakweg 33, Rotterdam

We have space for 20 people.
Please email us if you’d like to participate: info@printroom.org
and we’ll send you a reply with more details.


In an anti-bacterial age, fermentation is quickly becoming a lost art. We are here to reclaim it as an energy efficient food-preservation technique which is rooted in our cultural histories. We are captivated and inspired by the way fermented foods engage our senses and enhance whole food eating.

Discover the science and unique flavours of fermented vegetables around the world. From classic sauerkrauts to pickled Asian vegetables to the spicy and tangy flavours of South American cuisine. Every one will have the opportunity to make a custom kraut. Bring a curious appetite.


In this workshop we will talk about everything PROBIOTICS and fermentation. Alexis & Natalie of Edible Alchemy will introduce to you the importance of your own microbiome by introducing fermented foods, traditional and cultural uses, nutrition and the microbiology behind their creation. We will also discuss resources as well as tips and safety tricks of this culinary art form.

In the first part of the workshop we will have an open discussion to what fermentation has or has NOT been in our lives. Alexis will talk about the effects, benefits and long term effects of probiotic foods, as well as the cultural uses and stories regarding fermentation. At this time we will sample a few fermented items to enhance our learning.

In the second part of the workshop we will be creating our own personal fermented vegetables with guidance and also absolute freedom, as fermented foods are always incredibly unique!

Everyone should come with a curious appetite an, open mind, a glass jar (500 ml / 1ltr) with a good fitting lid and some vegetables that you enjoy eating (such as cabbage, kale, beets, apples, onions, peppers, radishes & herbs). Everyone will leave with a jar of delicious, custom made vegetable kraut to observe & enjoy eating during the weeks ahead.

Enjoy having tasty treats in your belly, and a head full of knowledge.

The workshop will be lead by the bubbly Alexis Goertz & Natalie Lieske, bacteria baristas from Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory.





Friday 14 October: PrintRoom’s Pick from the NY Art Book Fair 2016

Join us for an evening with performances, talks drinks and snacks to celebrate the harvest of this year!

Friday 14 October, 7 – 10 pm

doors open at 7 pm, program starts at 7.30 pm


Special guests:


**Zoe Beloff

**Freek Lomme / Onomatopee

**Werkplaats Typografie (NL) : Presentation by Sabo Day, Eloise Harris and Robert Milne, among others

*sneak sonic preview at 9.30 pm!!*

PrintRoom joined the NY Art Book Fair organised by Printed Matter and hosted by MoMA Ps1, from September 11 – 18 2016. It  featured 370 booksellers, antiquarians, artists, institutions, and independent publishers from 28 countries—and was attended by more than 35,000 people.
Our Post Internet service was there to run an internal mail system among publishers. We attended the weekend long series of events, talks, lectures and met up with publishing friends. We looked carefully at the presented books and made a selection for PrintRoom.


François Girard-Meunier  / supersupersupersuper

supersupersupersuper is a label, a distributor, a showcaser, a selector, an enabler… or briefly a tool for (their member’s own) public visibility, present sporadically at public events such as book fairs. François Girard-Meunier, associate at supersupersupersuper, will offer an insight on the permeability of professional and amateur practices within book publishing and its resulting economic implications with its participation at the NYABF in mind. No ISBN (yet) but still a business.
Zoe Beloff
A World Redrawn is an exploration by the artist Zoe Beloff of Sergei Eisenstein and Bertolt Brecht’s experiences in Hollywood in the 1930s and ‘40s, what their time in Hollywood meant to them then and what it might mean to us now. Beloff focuses on two unrealized films written during this time: “Glass House” by Eisenstein and “A Model Family” by Brecht.

The book reproduces many important and little-known documents from the period, including a large selection of previously unpublished drawings by Eisenstein discovered by Beloff in the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art in Moscow and facsimile reproductions of the writings of Eisenstein and Brecht as they contemplate the politics and culture of Hollywood.

Published by Christine Burgin

Freek Lomme
A performative book launch, a loungy reading on tactility in the framework of the book ’Can you feel it? – Effectuating tactility and print in the contemporary’, by Freek Lomme, curator/editor of the project as well as poet and founding director of the Eindhoven (NL) gallery and publisher Onomatopee. Presenting artists in the practice of making and thinkers in the development of thought here and now, the project connects to tactile characteristics, guided by a specific focus on graphic, printed matter. During the specifically tuned vocal reading by Lomme, the audience gets to wear a particularly designed sleeping mask.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Werkplaats Typografie Dutch launch of a paper company that produces and distributes a personified and self-described coated(er) paper that reveals different degrees of its previous life. WT Pap(i)er is now available for reading, feeling, turning, discussing, and (over)printing.
Presentation by Sabo Day, Eloise Harris and Robert Milne, among others.
The Werkplaats Typografie (WT) is a paper company and multifaceted anomaly (previously known and occasionally operating as a two-year graduate program in graphic design, as well as a (summer) school, studio, meeting place, (facsimile) library, bar, living room, cinema, publisher, distributor, buchmesse, perambulating bookshop, art institution, printer/copy-shop/bindery, nightclub, workshop, archive, office, garden, brewery, restaurant, gift shop, (phantom) radio station, secret society, band, qigong club, basketball team, and website) based in Arnhem, The Netherlands.


Books by:

Soberscove Press, Rafaël Rozendaal, 4478ZINE, Library of the Printed Web, antoine lefebvre editions, Diagonal Press, Printed Matter, The Ice Plant, Lugemik, MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Onomatopee, Fukt Magazine, Aaron Krach, Elisabeth Tonnard, DIABP, Book Works, Hato Press, Misaki Kawai, Mark Pawson, RE/Search / Search and Destroy, Roma Publications, Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E, Knust / Extrapool, The White Review, Anouk Kruithof, Zoe Beloff, Temporary Services / Half Letter Press, Guerilla Girls, Primary Information, Stefan Marx, Hakuin Verlag, Martha Wilson, Research and Destroy New York City, Gato Negro, A.R.T. Press, David Horvitz, Paper Monuments, New Documents, Martha Helion, Gloria Glitzer, supersupersuper, Christine Burgin, New Directions, ao

The Post Internet project is a collaboration between Eleanor Vonne Brown / X Marks the Bökship and Karin de Jong/PrintRoom

Saturday 1st October 2016 – ​Post Internet Cafe: End of Session

Post Internet Cafe: End of Session

To conclude the Post Internet Cafe at PrintRoom there will be a day of presentations, discussions and performance on Mailing Lists, D.I.Y Networks and Mail Art.

–> 4pm  (note change of time) Book Club  – ‘email me: Writings on Email in Contemporary Art and Experimental Literature’ by Molly Richards
–> 7pm Post Internet Cafe project overview with Eleanor Vonne Brown and Karin de Jong
–>7.15pm introduction to “Greetings from the invisible borderlands” by Amy Wu
–>7.30 pm ‘Invites and Mail Outs’ Fraser Muggeridge, talk
–>8.30pm The Post People Performance
Throughout the day there will be a presentation of the mail we have received during the summer and examples of interesting mail projects we have encountered on the walls of PrintRoom.
Contributions by: Riitta Oittinen, Rosalie Schweicker, Arnaud Desjardin, Mark Pawson, Wil van Iersel, Amy Wu, Jan Voss, Aymeric Mansoux & Volker Zander, among others

More info:

Molly Richards will be joining us for a discussion on her book ’email me’, a printed collection of writing examining email as a material, medium and tool in the visual arts and experimental literature from the late eighties to present day. Composing, sending and receiving become essential components to listserv experimentation, curatorial email projects, spam poetry, collaborative writing or the dreaded break-up email. ’email me’ shines a light on materiality, interactivity, constraints, moderation, identity and some of the implicit hierarchies that prevail within this medium.

Molly Richards recently graduated from the Royal College of Art’s MA in Critical Writing in Art and Design. She has researched a number of different areas including sound art, new media art, net art, digital ephemera and meme culture. She is interested in using the written word as part of an expanded curatorial practice.

Pick up a copy from PrintRoom

A limited amount of reading copies of the book are available for free at PrintRoom. This is the 2nd print edition and has been printed in-house using the Risograph especially for The Post Internet Cafe at PrintRoom.


Amy Wu:

Conceptually, “Greetings from the invisible borderlands” explores alternative and untraceable forms of communication, attempting to locate and manoeuvre within the ‘invisible borderlands’, the unchartered cracks between online and offline communication infrastructures. As such the work borrows and fuses mail art with net.art as an contemporary steganography tactic.

Practically, it is an exercise in repurposing a technique called the Cardan grille, an analog method of writing secret messages using a grid, for contemporary surveilled mediascapes. Using the medium of a postcard sent through the postal system, it functions as the key that unlocks a hidden message that can only be found online through Google Maps. The message is decoded, when the two pieces of information, that have circulated in separate networks (post and internet), are matched together again by the receiver to reveal the message.


Fraser Muggeridge
London based graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge will present a selection of special mail projects and invitations that he has produced for artists, galleries and institutions.



The Post People are a three entity print performance ensemble of two tables and one floor based typewriter. Known for combining live improvised song-writing with sculptural grunge. Rotterdam based but euro conscious, boundary collapsing and formed in the primordial soup of the new Millennium. The Postpeople may still be emerging.


The Post Internet Café is a social space for the consumption and digestion of our communication systems. On the menu at PrintRoom, Rotterdam have been: Mailing Lists, Contacts, D.I.Y Networks and Mail Art, handpicked from the Hypermarket and washed down with an continuous refill of filter coffee.

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