12.12.2020, 13.00 – 17.00: celebration of the Inexistent Books presentation at PrintRoom and new books, prints and editions at our Temporary Take Away location

Inexistent Books: catalogue and special editions

In collaboration with Edcat.net and Jan Steinbach, we printed special editions to coincide with the Inexistent Times; the catalogue of the Inexistent Books collection which we present until January 17th 2021.

Email us (at info at printroom dot org) if you would like a catalogue with an edition and we can send it to you. Editions by: Christiane Blattmann, Bia Bittencourt, David Horvitz, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Slow Reading Club, Thomas Geiger and Florence Jung. Design of the Inexistent Times by Jan Steinbach.

01.12.20 – 17.01.21 Inexistent Books

PrintRoom presents the third edition of Inexistent Books, initiated by Jan Steinbach (edcat.net).

Inexistent Books questions the invisible in times of contemporary hypervisibility and explores the utopian potential of the art book. To this end artists have submitted publications that deal with non- existence or the outright refusal to exist at all.

B., Bia Bittencourt, Cassie Thornton, Christiane Blattmann, Claudia De La Torre, Elisabeth Tonnard, José Quintanar, Fiona Banner, Florence Jung, H.P. Blavatsky & Sun Ra, Hammann von Mier, Jenny Rova, Kasper Andreasen, Lars Dyrendom, Lisa Mühleisen, Martijn in ’t Veld, Nusserglazova, Sara MacKillop, Slow Reading Club, Sophie Nys, Stefano Calligaro, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Thomas Geiger, Villa Design Group and Yoshinori Niwa.
The book collection was first presented at I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel and Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich.

For this edition we printed a special edition by David Horvitz, Bia Bittencourt, Christiane Blattmann, Sveinn Fannar, a.o. Read all about the collection in your copy of Inexistent Times, to be picked up for free at PrintRoom.

20.11.20: Launch of 15 03 20 and Opening of PrintRoom’s Temporary Take-Away

19.00 – 20.00 at Leeszaal, Rijnhoutplein 3

15 03 20 is the first publication of Notes on Hapticity Collective, published by PrintRoom. There will be an introductory talk by Karolina Rupp and Hannah Dawn Henderson, as well as artist talks by Tomasz Skibicki and Kees van Leeuwen. 

PrintRoom’s Temporary Take Away

20 November 2020 – 10 January 2021 :

At this not-so-typical take-away, visitors can order from a menu of printed matter. Our Riso chefs will be working tirelessly to keep up with orders, printing work by invited artists throughout the duration of our Temporary Take-Away. You can also come in to use our Riso kitchen with your own files and print on demand with assistance from our Riso chefs. 

With a purchase made at a local restaurant take-away, you will receive the Free Baklava print by Lisa Blaauwbroek when you visit our space! (see below for more information). Also be on the lookout for Wild Cards around the neighbourhood— on bulletin boards, at local shop counters…they are various prizes to be redeemed at our Take-Away, such as a free hour of Riso printing or a set of our new wrapping papers.

We hope that PrintRoom’s Temporary Take-Away will be a space to generate support for artists, and local businesses and communities.

Dessert: Installation of the Free Baklava print project by Lisa Blaauwbroek, Side dish: Gilles de Brock at the RAAM MAAR window; Daily Special: Riso printed wallpaper by Cengiz Menguç

More information:

Feed me
At the start of the second lockdown in the Netherlands, when all Dutch horeca had to close, Lisa Blaauwbroek (1990) launched her project ‘Feed me’ on her Instagram-page. Every day she makes a drawing of a dish that she would like to eat or drink. If someone from her audience orders the dish for her, they receive the drawing! This way she’s both supporting the horeca and herself, while drawing (and eating!) delicious food.

Free Baklava!
Printroom, located in the city centre of Rotterdam, is also seeing their horeca-neighbours struggling because of the lockdown. We collaborated with Lisa and made a series of risoprinted baklavas, based on her drawing. If you get yourself a take-out meal in a café or restaurant located near PrintRoom, show us your receipt – you’ll get a free baklava print from us for dessert! 

Postponed: Launch of 15 03 20 by Notes on Hapticity Collective

UPDATE: The book launch has had to be postponed. We will announce a new date as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can still check out Towards a Foreword. Stay tuned!
Email us if you’d like to receive the publication. The price is 10 euro and this week we’ll ship it for free within the Netherlands. 

PrintRoom @ De Leeszaal, Rijnhoutplein 3, (1 min walk from PrintRoom)

 15 03 20 is created in response to the limitations that the lockdown period placed on the collective’s activities. The publication considers the possibilities for collective practice and making contact with an audience under the ongoing conditions. 15 03 20 is published parallel to the exhibition Towards a Foreword at PrintRoom’s temporary space at Rijnhoutplein, across Leeszaal.

With contributions by: Hannah Dawn Henderson, Elena Kostenko-Lefebvre, Kees van Leeuwen, Grigoris Rizakis, Karolina Rupp, Tomasz Skibicki, Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau

We’d like to thank Stroom Den Haag for supporting the activities of Hapticity Collective.

PrintRoom’s programme is kindly supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Mondrian Fund, and the City of Rotterdam.


Hannah Dawn Henderson, Elena Kostenko, Kees van Leeuwen, Karolina Rupp, Tomasz Skibicki, with curatorial support from Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau


11th October

13:00 – 17:00 at Art Bar, Rijnhoutplein (a 2 min. walk from PrintRoom)

During Art Central, the collective opening of galeries in the neighbourhood.

** Due to the current regulations, a maximum of four visitor may enter the space at one time. Wearing a mask is required. 

Towards a Foreword is the first public manifestation of Notes on Hapticity Collective, developed in collaboration with Print Room and presented in the Art Bar on Rijnhoutplein. The collective sets out to be a permeable, nomadic terrain — a travelling forum that is always reconfiguring itself in response to its (digital or real-life) context. It invites diverse interlocutors to present and exchange their research, (his)stories and contemplations.

The word ‘haptic’ denotes a kinaesthetic experience, often used in relation to the experience of touch. However, beyond this immediate connotation, ‘haptic’ can refer to much more. It can also describe the immaterial residual of an event — such as an ever-regurgitating memory or, quite the opposite, a sense of absence, loss, or fracture. It also refers to connectivity and overlaps — an encounter between surfaces and spaces, as much literally as metaphorically. The circumstances of social distancing have prompted us to be more attentive towards exercising touch than ever before. However, how much touches, permeates and moves us without us immediately recognising it? The artworks featured in the exhibition closely examine and even seek to generate a ‘haptic encounter’. 

Parallel to the exhibition, the collective will also launch their first publication, 15 03 20. Created in response to the limitations that the lockdown period placed on the collective’s activities, the publication considers the possibilities for collective practice and making contact with an audience under the ongoing conditions. 

With contributions by: Hannah Dawn Henderson, Elena Kostenko-Lefebvre, Kees van Leeuwen, Grigoris Rizakis, Karolina Rupp, Tomasz Skibicki, Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau

27.05 -05.07 2020: Venster Zien ||Window Zine

Harnessing the great Dutch tradition of raamdecoratie, domestic window displays, we’re creating a series of riso printed posters for our neighbours to customise and publish in their windows.

The posters will be distributed, carefully, door to door by our team and participants, around our own neighbourhoods. An online/print-your-own copy option will be available from our website and we’ll publish some designs in local newspaper De Havenloods. Residents can adjust these posters to publish anything: poems, drawings, messages to passers-by, a catalogue text for their windowsill museum… The displays will be documented for collection and re-publication in zine-format, together with images and texts by invited contributors, as a quick response to our fast-changing situation.

Contributors of the first series: Kate Briggs, Eva Olthof, Ash Kilmartin, Karin de Jong, Cengiz Menguz, Josie Perry, Anna Sandri, a.o.

Venster Zien @ PrintRoom: Pin after Pin by  Janneke Absil

Cut out and paste – Instructions to make a new song, by Kate Briggs
Based on an old poem by M. van Heijningen Bosch as found in Gerrit Komrij’s De Nederlandse kinderpoëzie in 1000 en enige gedichten (Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2008)

Colour-in-cats by Josie Perry
Featuring your neighbourhood pals

Buurboek by Eva Olthoff,
Recommend and lend books from your library to your neighbours.

Dreaming of a busy living room! By Anna Sandri
After weeks of responsible isolation, what does your dream house party look like? Grab some colours, make your playlist, add the best moves. What colour is the vibe?

Exhibit Labels, by the PrintRoom team
Show your appreciation for your neighbours’ Vensterbank Museum, or give an introduction to your own display.

Kleedjes, by the PrintRoom team
Make up for missing out: A King’s Day carpet, every day. What do you have to ask or offer?

Pin after pin – Window display at PrintRoom
Janneke Absil bought her first pins at a second-hand market in Paris in 2014. Ever since that moment she has been collecting pins from artists and makers from all over the world. Some beautiful pieces were given to her by friends. Pin followed pin, and before she knew, she became the owner of an extensive pin collection.

Janneke’s 100+ pins are displayed throughout her house and hang in- and outside of her closet, like small artworks in a domestic display.

“In the past six years, my pin collection has become an important part of my daily routine. Every morning, before leaving the house, I choose a pin to fit the specific day ahead of me, reflecting on the activities of that day, timely topics, or my specific mood. Sometimes it forms a small statement other times it just happens to be the perfect match for my outfit.”

1 June 2020: OPEN WITH CARE || new projects

As you may have expected, PrintRoom has been working quietly behind closed doors for the past several weeks. We’ve missed you, and our lively events! With some restrictions in the Netherlands now easing, and taking great care, we’re happy to invite locals back to PrintRoom to browse.


We’re happy to welcome you, at 1,5m, Thursday to Saturday, from 1 June. Before that date, you can email us to make an appointment to visit the space.

Want to order something, but aren’t able to visit? Email us! If you’re local, we can deliver your new purchases to your door ourselves.

Meanwhile, whether you’re nearby or far, you can always visit PrintRoom on Instagram, where we’ll be posting regularly with updates on what you can find in the store.


Do you have a riso printing project to get on with? We can make arrangements for your project to be carried out, without unnecessary contact in the workshop. Just mail us to discuss.


We’ll also be using the gram to share some special selections from this year’s edition of our ‘Holiday in the Archive’. In the past we’ve journeyed to CdLA in France, Franklin Furnace in NY and de Appel in Amsterdam (last November)  to dig through the stacks for lost gems and old favourites from the published world.

The findings from de Appel will be distributed in the next weeks, please email us your postal address if you’d like to receive mail! (info at printroom dot org)

This year we’ll be on staycation here in Rotterdam, where friends and colleagues of PrintRoom will make selections from our own archive. We’ll share these online for now, but look out for our postcards later in the summer!

PrintRoom is closed for the public from 13 March, until further notice

To limit the spread of the corona virus PrintRoom is temporarily closed for the public. We will work from home and occasionally at PrintRoom on publishing projects and on the upcoming events. You can reach us via email.

Our publisher in residence programme with Aram Han Sifuentes, the workshops and presentation on the 28th of March, will be postponed. We will soon announce a new date via email and social media. Stay tuned!




7 March 2020, 8 pm – 1 am: Thunderclap by Amy Suo Wu | PrintRoom x Museumnacht010

Part-shop, part-sewing workshop and part-exhibition, Amy Suo Wu’s Thunderclap  employs steganography to publicly redistribute the erased work of Chinese anarcho-feminist He-Yin Zhen (1886–1920) through the medium of clothing accessories.

On the occasion of Museumnacht010, visitors of Printroom can make their own DIY Chinese anarcho-feminist patches. Thunderclap patches and ribbons will be also available to buy on the evening. The artist will offer free services to sew DIY patches and Thunderclap patches on clothes that visitors bring in from home.

Thunderclap is a steganographic zine that piggybacks on fashion accessories. The ribbons and embroidered patches contain translated English quotes taken from He-Yin’s essays and are nested around the QR code. When passersby scan the code, they can download her original Chinese writing. The work was originally designed to be hidden in plain sight on the streets of Beijing by co-opting shanzhai fashion – the Chinese phenomenon that features nonsense English – together with a QR code, as a covert system to publish sensitive knowledge originally destined to circulate within China.


All proceeds of the night will go to starting up Serenity Department, a clothing label and embodied publishing project between Amy Suo Wu and her mother Maria Huang. Serenity Department will be hosted by PrintRoom in Autumn of 2020.

Amy Suo Wu was born in China, grew up in Australia, and lives in The Netherlands as an artist, designer and teacher. Wu is also co-organizer of Zine Camp, an annual zine making festival in Rotterdam. Her work has been presented at Seoul Mediacity Biennale, KR; The Influencers, ES; Kunsthaus Langenthal, CH; I:projectspace Beijing, CN; Aksioma Ljubljana, SI ; Mine Yours Ours festival, HR; Gallery 12 New Media Hub, RS; ISEA Istanbul, TR; Van Abbemuseum, NL; Gogbot Enschede, NL; TENT Rotterdam, NL; Showroom MAMA Rotterdam, NL; WORM Rotterdam, NL and V2_ Rotterdam, NL


6-9 Feb.// Off the Wall: The Almonde Papers //Not For Profit Art Party, Art Rotterdam Week 2020

PrintRoom joins the Not For Profit Art Party at Rotterdam Art Week 2020

Off the Wall: The Almonde Papers

Opening: Thursday 6 February, 18:00 – 22:00
Almondestraat 161, 3032 CD, Rotterdam

PrintRoom activates her archive, feeding the past into a new project. Taking a 2013 presentation as a starting point, Off the Wall: The Almonde Papers aims to maintain a dialogue through new works by five artists: Ruth van Beek, Czar Kristoff, Cengiz Mengüç, Johann Kauth, Nicole Martens.

For Off the Wall the participating artists – all of whom collaborated with PrintRoom before in the past 10 years – designed new wallpaper based on the wallpaper found in the former social housing units of the Almondestraat where the exhibition takes place. These new designs are riso-printed at PrintRoom and installed in one apartment of Pension Almonde.

The wallpaper is also part of a publication that will be launched on the opening night.

The starting point for Off The Wall is a 2013 presentation by Michalis Pichler, Louis Lüthi and G.J. de Rook that revolved around Ulises Carrión’s bookwork Sonnet(s), in which G.J. de Rook presented Tell Me What Sort of Wallpaper Your Room Has and I Will Tell You Who You Are (1973).

The NFPAP is an independent body, where non-profit presentation institutions from the Netherlands work together to exchange artists, knowledge and informal networks. Including among us: SIGN, Nieuwe Vide, Expoplu, WORM Rotterdam, Stichting VHDG, Tetem, EXTRAPOOL, MURALS Inc.

Pension Almonde is a project of Stad in de Maak – City in the Making in the former social housing units of Almondestraat. The street functions temporarily as a home for city nomads, social and cultural projects, up to the demolition.

Thursday February 6, 18:00-22:00h (Opening)
Friday February 7, 12:00h-18:00h
Saturday February 8, 12:00h-18:00h
Sunday February 9, 14:00h-18:00