14 July 2019: Introvert Activism and the Resistful Unseen

Join us for an afternoon with book presentations, an invisible writing demonstration and a performance!

Sunday 14 July, 5pm – 8pm at PrintRoom

Cookbook of Invisible Writing by Amy Suo Wu

Shy Radicals by Hamja Ahsan

In reaction to Hamja Ahsan’s book, Amy Pickles will perform Ecstatic Speech, a polyvocal sound piece that aims to disrupt formal modes of expression through pre-literate means.

Cookbook of Invisible Writing

Written as a response to rampant digital surveillance and censorship, analogue secret communication is explored as a way to resist oppressive visibility and stay unseen in Amy Suo Wu’s Cookbook of Invisible Writing (Onomatopee, 2019). Her artistic research focuses on techniques of secret writing otherwise known as steganography. Used by intelligence agencies, spies, secret lovers, activists, marginalised communities and the like, steganography hides overt communication in plain sight. Amy Suo Wu reactivates these graphic camouflage techniques by exploring their overlooked potential to subvert advanced censorship and surveillance technologies, thereby extending printed paper´s radical potential to circulate freely and out of sight of digital monitoring.

Part colouring book, part cookbook and part puzzle book, Cookbook of Invisible Writing includes recipes for invisible ink,
as well as material to run workshops to inspire creative communication.

Shy Radicals

While some try to stay invisible, others struggle to achieve the exact opposite. We are therefore honoured to welcome Hamja Ahsan, commander in chief of the internationalist movement of the introvert and founder of the Shy People’s Republic of Aspergistan. Looking to overthrow extrovert supremacy Hamja Ahsan published Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert (Book Works, 2017). His militant movement is steadily growing: the book recently reached its third print run. In PrintRoom, Hamja Ahsan will place himself in the spotlight for the quiet and awkward. Wallflowers of the world unite!

6 July: EDIT10N TAUBE PICNIC WORLDTOUR, Chantal Rens & Fucking Good Art & Launch of Hoe je boeken steelt by David Horvitz

Saturday 6 July, 4PM – 8 PM

Location will be announced soon.

3PM Meet-up at PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

The EDIT1ON TAUBE PICNIC WORLD TOUR comes to Rotterdam! To celebrate their 10 year anniversary Edition Taube has gone on tour to organize 10 casual, open-air events with publishers and artists around the world. Now they come to Rotterdam to hang out with us. Picnic blankets mark the spot, one of which is created especially for this Rotterdam picnic by Chantal Rens, who will also join the picnic.

Fucking Good Art editors Nienke Terpsma and Rob Hamelijnck present their latest issue, International Edition: Zurich, What life could be and the ambivalence of success, which revisits and continues the Swiss Issue made during the onset of the economical crisis in 2008.
FGA #38 picks up questions they asked then: What could life be, and what can art contribute to it? It reads as an oral history about time and place, living as an artist, being contemporaries, and sharing a timeframe with specific problems and enchantments.

***A picnic is the most flexible form of organized celebration. Place, duration and participants remain uncontrollable and open until the last moment.***

How to Shoplift Books / Hoe je boeken steelt by David Horvitz

On this occasion PrintRoom and Edition Taube will launch Hoe je boeken steelt, the latest, revised version of David Horvitz’s How to Shoplift Books, translated by Erica van Loon. This practical, inventive and funny guide for the aspiring bibliophile-kleptomaniac was originally published in 2013. This year Edition Taube is dedicated to translate it into 20 different languages by collaborating with other publishing houses and organisations.

For ‘Hoe je boeken steelt’, we’ve adapted some of the original stealing, robbing and looting techniques to the Dutch context. It’s probably the last book you’ll buy. The book will be available during the picnic (price: €9,99, a steal in itself).


14/15/16 June: PrintRoom @ Poetry International, Rotterdam

PrintRoom joins the Poetry International Festival by inviting special guests for a presentation at the bookmarket at the main location: De Doelen. At our table we present a selection of related publications.

“Corresponding Objects” is a mail project and collective experimental translation of the Object poems in Tender Buttons, the 1914-published prose poem collection by Gertrude Stein. It is a continuation of last year’s one-day event “Supposing You Do Not Like To Change: Studies in Translation,” initiated by Kate Briggs and Moosje Goosen at Babel Bookspace, PrintRoom’s temporary project space  at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Nicole Jordan will invite poetry visitors to create ‘Exquisite corpse poems’ with her, based on her poetry book ’89, which she published last year and presented at our Babel Bookspace in the programme: With Love from Kingstone.

19 June: The Big Blank – Riso workshop by Wobby.Club

6.30 – 9.30 pm at PrintRoom

For this workshop we invited Marjolein Schalk, chief editor of the brilliant Riso printed magazine Wobby, to share her kitchen secrets with us. The theme of this workshop is ‘The Big Blank’, which is the same as the upcoming 18th issue of Wobby. Experiment with analogue or digital printing, using the vibrant colours of the Riso inks.

You will leave Printroom with a limited edition of your own two-colour Risoprints.

The workshop is for beginners and more experienced Riso enthusiasts.

Materials: We will have a mix of materials for you but you can also bring your own favourite drawing materials. Please bring your own laptop (if you have one) if you’d like to work from digital files.

You can make your analogue artwork on the spot or bring your prepared digital files (colour separated in greyscale, psd or PDF).

We will select some reference material from our collection, but feel free to bring your own! These can be books, photographs, textures, pictures, drawings or any other reference material around the theme.

Costs: 35 euro plus VAT

Price includes printing and drawing materials.

Marjolein Schalk is a Tilburg based illustrator, co founder of Wobby.club and chief editor of Wobby.

Since 2015 Wobby.club publishes and prints the independent Risograph magazine Wobby four times a year, with various guest artists next to other artist books, zines and prints.

The collective regularly organises projects and events, connecting artists and public at exhibitions like Wobbyaanland (LocHal Tilburg), the live radio show Radio WobTit and the zine fest Wobby Wonderland.

In the past PrintRoom invited the Riso chefs from Knust, Nijmegen, Hato Press from London and Topo Copy from Ghent (a.o.) to take over our Riso kitchen in order to share knowledge and enthousiasm for self-publishing – and printing!



6 -9 June 2019: abC Beijing Art Book Fair 2019 Beijing Times Art Museum

Founded in 2015, abC has dedicated to promote local artist’s books and independent publications in China as well as introduce excellent global publishers and institutions to establish a profound multilateral dialogue. As the most professional exhibition of artist’s book and expo of independent publications, abC Art Book Fair takes place in Beijing (SS) and Shanghai (AW) respectively. It has been developing distinct influence in fields of contemporary art, design, and publishing, welcoming over hundreds thousand publishers, media platforms and visitors around the world.

«Fresh Art Books from Europe» presented by edcat.net. Selected by Jan Steinbach in Collaboration with Anne-Laure Franchette, Benjamin Thorel, Erik Steinbrecher, GSG, Karin de Jong, Magali Avezou, Marlene Obermayer and Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson.

Organizer art book in China
Website artbookinchina.com

19.04.19: Dubbeldruk, closing event of Copie Machine

Join us on Friday the 19th at PrintRoom for an evening of words spoken, written, recorded, printed, copied and copied yet again. We will spend the evening enjoying presentations and performances that deal with independent publishing and the word as a performative medium.

Doors open at 19.00 – the programme starts at 19.30

This is the final event of Copie Machine. This project has transformed PrintRoom into a free-for-all, free of charge, fully operating copy shop with contributions by over fifty artists.

G.J. de Rook is an artist, publisher and critic and will activate the copy machine once more to focus on ghost images: the images created when images or texts are – purposefully or by mistake – printed on top of each other. The printing of these double images opens up possibilities for conceptual layering and aesthetic indeterminacy.

Laura Morsch-Kihn organized Copie Machine together with Antoine Lefebvre and will present some of her other publishing projects. As a curator, art historian and artist-publisher she is focused on subculture and the aesthetics of the periphery. Among many things she is involved with the publishing projects such as The New Spirit of Vanvalism, Bleu Travail, REBEL REBEL zine and its related publishing residency and zine fair.

Ash Kilmartin and Collette Rayner will take the stage and present the book The Almanack of Breath (2018), which was printed at PrintRoom. Together they’ll read some stories from this small calendar-of-listening. The Almanack of Breath tells a tale of two demons collecting language that fills the air. The first a rag picker of language, hoarder of slurred chants mumbled by chanting monks and slips of the tongue chattered by gossiping women. The second more meticulous, carefully collecting all sounds heard with utmost attention. Day by day a library is created celebrating all vocal expression from uhh to oh! And sigh to laughter.

Tracy Hanna will perform She Knows How She Might Behave, an expanded work of poetry based on personal and imagined experience that merges painting, projections, sound, music and words written, spoken and sung. Tracy Hanna developed this work after winning the Hybrid Publishing Research Award, granted by the Willem de Kooning Academy for her outstanding thesis. The work is published as a vinyl + insert will be launched in PrintRoom during this event.

To conclude Copie Machine we will launch our new Parazine. This parasitic booklet uses other publications as their host, feeding off their distribution, hiding behind their appealing covers, and imposing uncalled-for encounters with unanticipated readers.

02.03 – 20.04 2019: Copie Machine, Temporary Photocopy Zone

From 2 March until 20 April PrintRoom transforms into a free-for-all, free of charge, fully operating copy shop. Take any of the contributed works by over sixty participants, place it on the glass screen, hit that big green button. place it on the glass screen, hit that big green button. All stationary is provided to duplicate and create self-copied constellations bound together in book form. Copie Machine is a project by Antoine Lefebvre (FR) and Laura Morsch-Kihn (FR) with contributions by over sixty Rotterdam-based and international artists.

Sara MacKillop (UK) presents her new artist book Publications 2008-2018 alongside a display of her self-published material produced during this ten-year period. We can also expect an intervention by Sara in our temporary copy shop.

Copie Machine kicks off with a performative presentation of Copy This Book by Eric Schrijver.

16.00 -18.00 Presentations by Sara MacKillop, Antoine Lefebvre and Eric Schrijver

20.00 – 1.00 Copie Machine – hit that green button!
Part of the Museumnacht010 programme.

Copie Machine, Temporary Photocopy Zone runs from 2 March – 13 April 2019.

More information:

With Copie Machine, Antoine Lefebvre and Laura Morsch-Kihn call for a copy-left paper jam. In this temporary autonomous zone exclusive ownership is replaced by freedom of use, transformation and distribution under the Free Art License. The photocopier functions as a subversive tool inviting the viewer to become user, author and publisher; its formal office esthetics is just a cover-up. During the time of the exhibition we’ll create a publication with Antoine Lefebvre, Laura Morsch-Kihnn and contributors to the project.

In tandem with Copie Machine Sara MacKillop will show playful and minimalistic works in which office equipment features as key component. Ballpoint pens, envelopes and Post-its form elements within her practice that can be arranged and rearranged into prints, publications and minimalist interventions such as Pencil Fence. By using mundane imagery and appropriating corporate identities she seamlessly blends art and the everyday, for example in her better known bootleg IKEA-catalogues.

Self-publishing is a key element within MacKillop’s practice, therefore a number of her publications will be on display besides some minimalist interventions.

Furthermore Eric Schrijver will do a performative lecture introducing the topic of copyright. His Copy This Book – An artist’s guide to copyright was recently published at Onomatopee, Eindhoven; critical as well as practical, Copy This Book invites its readers to take part in its redistribution.

Contributions by:

Kate Briggs, Arnaud Desjardin, El Corruptor, Wil van Iersel, gerlach en koop, Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum, Gloria Glitzer, Sara Mackillop, Nicole Martens, Stefan Marx, Cengiz Mengüç, Mark Pawson, Just Quist, Temporary Services, Thomas Walkaar, Erik van der Weijde, Ian Whittlesea,
AGV, Anonyme, Atelier 17 17, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Pierre Belouin & François Coadou, Natalia Bobadilla, Leszek Brogowski & Aurélie Noury, Camille Carbonaro, Aymeric Chaslerie, Alex Chevalier, Rodolphe Cobetto-Caravanes, Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Nicolas Daubanes, Dominique De Beir, Demi Tour De France, Barbara Denis-Morel, Nil Dinç, Damien Dion, Sophia Djitli, Nico Dockx, documentation céline duval, Vanessa Dziuba, Arnaud Elfort, Expo-serPublier, Ryan Foerster, Anne Valérie Gasc, Misha Golebska, Mattias Gunnarson, Charlotte Hubert, Farah Khelil, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Cary Loren, Laurent Marissal, Pat McCarthy, Ghislain Mollet-Viéville, Antoine Moreau, Omnivorous Persona, Andrée Ospina, Pierre et Gilles, Océane Ragoucy, Julie Redon, Jean-François Robic, Lucie Rocher, Benjamin Sabatier, SAEIO, Cédric Schonwald, Catherine Schwartz, Seitoung, Marie Sochor, Sun7 (Marie Glasser, Mattéo Tang, Carine Klonowski), Melchior Tersen, Mathieu Tremblin, Dennis Tyfus, Eric Watier, Werker, Nayel Zeaiter, Fabio Zimbres

Copie Machine is a production of the Edith research team from the Esadhar, Rouen.

The copy machine of Copie Machine is generously sponsored by Ophuysen, Rotterdam.