In conjunction with the current project at Showroom Mama: Gentle Dust, PrintRoom hosts a reading group event with Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Khaireh.
Remember, Resist and​ Remake

14 October 2017, 2.30 – 6 pm at PrintRoom

Join Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Khaireh for an informal reading group covering seminal text‘Rethinking Aesthetics’ by Sylvia Wynter with consideration to migration routes into Western cities and navigating social spaces as documented and undocumented citizens. In collaboration with Printroom, the research and discoveries that arise from this session will be used to produce printed matter (pamphlets and posters) in the political​style of protest art for ​free ​distribution to the public​.

​ ​

Supporting this session we will be using ethnographic examples from the squatters movement in the UK and NL.


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