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Friday 4 October, 7 – 9 pm: Logotomy¿! by Gato Negro and Other Forms ~ You’re invited!!

We are proud to have León Muñoz Santini, founder of Gato Negro Ediciones, and Alan Smart from ‘Other Forms’ as our guests for a presentation at PrintRoom!

Friday 4 October, from 7 – 9 pm
Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

As continuation of the on going editorial research exercise Logocide, Logotomy and Logophagy —a dive of creation and experimentation into the possibilities of the nonsense as a subversion tool—, Gato Negro Ediciones will feature an exhibition of their recent work produced during a residency at the Frans Masereel Center (Kasterlee, BE). They will launch their most recent book, the massive limited edition Oh, the Normal.

Alan Smart will present Footnotes on a Fietsenplan: The Collision and Convergences of the Provo White Bicycle Plan,* detailing part of his research on the Dutch counterculture movement of the 1960s, Provo.

The publishers will develop a new collaborative publication which they  riso-print at PrintRoom in the days prior to the event. It is a continuation of a project initiated from the research by Alan Smart.

Before the presentation, there will be an informal ‘aperitif’ with snacks and drinks.

More information:

Since 2013, Gato Negro Ediciones has acted as a recognizably-urgent voice in independent publishing across the cultural realm. Advocating the liberty of thought, the Mexico City based press intentionally prints titles that challenge the so-often sequestered view of contemporary society. From political manifestos to art theory and prose, the books of Gato Negro do not wish to deconstruct reality through ornamental distractions that lately seem to have become an inevitable requisite within the modern history of publishing. Instead, Gato Negro embraces the deliberately-chosen content in its most primal form: straightforward and entire. And therefore, ever growing in context. The outcome of each publication is a dialogue between reader and creator — an ecological construction of selfhood that distills collective contemplation while all we do is live.

Other Forms is a mobile research and design collective working in multiple intersections of architecture, graphic design, and publishing. Other Forms considers how design reflects and critiques, in semi-autonomous marginal spaces, the material and social conditions of its practice. Other Forms is Jack Henrie Fisher and Alan Smart.

* Footnotes on a Fietsenplan: The Collisions and Convergences of the Provo White Bicycle Plan
The Provo Fietsenplan is among the better known of a series of “white plans” organized by the Provo movement—Amsterdam’s contribution to the array of subcultural insurgencies of the late 1960s. At once performance art, street theater, radical provocations, and more-or-less practical planning and policy proposals, white plans traversed aesthetic and political categories which had been aligned by modernism, but were then being destabilized and put under pressure. Concretely, the White Bicycle Plan was a simple proposition for a bicycle sharing program, presented as a Fluxus-style happening event for which a printed pamphlet provided a script or score. The score for the White Bicycle Plan was a simple, single page pamphlet written in ecstatic mode of beatnik neo-surrealism. I was, however able to create an intersection between a critique of technocratic planning, a conceptualization of urban space in, ‘late,’ post-Fordist, semiocapitalism, and a positing of new political subjectivities. By annotating its antecedents, and tracing its referents the fietsenplan can be used to translate between the languages of the these discourses, and understand this historical context, and the future—now contemporary—city it prefigured.

17 & 18 September: Holiday in the Archive II @ Franklin Furnace

‘Holiday in the Archive II

TRUCK FUCK MUCK is the title of an artist book by Martha Wilson, which she published in 1975. It’s also the book that made Martha realise that NYC needed a space for works of art of this kind. In September 2019 we came to Franklin Furnace with publisher friends to do research in the collection. Using the characteristics of TRUCK FUCK MUCK as a loose guide, we roamed the archive with delight, finding works by our favourite artists and presses and discovering new ones. In the coming year we’ll continue our investigation in order to further share souvenirs from our “holiday” at Franklin Furnace.

*Franklin Furnace has an exceptionally liberal collections policy – if an artist says their publication is an artists’ book, we take them at their word and accession it into our collection. ( If you would like to receive mail, please let us know by emailing info at printroom dot org Holiday in the Archive II is a project by PrintRoom with thanks to Martha Wilson et al at Franklin Furnace.

With: Julia Klein (Soberscove Press) Giulia de Giovanelli, Abhaya Mistry and Karin de Jong

19 – 22 September 2020: PrintRoom @ the NY Art Book Fair

PrintRoom joins the NY Art Book Fair with a table of our publications and books by artists we work with.We’ll also select books for PrintRooms’ Pick from the NY Art Book Fair presentation at PrintRoom on the 15th of November.


Friday 13 September 7 -9 pm: Czar Kristoff – Latag || Eva Olthof – Public Library Of


>A polite occupation by nesting
>A talk about publishing and precarity
>A mini-bookstore on the floor

*To spread, unfold, or lay something out on the ground.


EVA OLTHOF will talk about her ongoing research Public Library Of for which she travelled to the United States to visit multiple public and self-organised libraries and bring back ideas for the Rotterdam context. Keeping in mind the question: how to make the Rotterdam Central Library a democratic place?

is the first zine in a series addressing that question and the start of a collaboration between Eva Olthof, PrintRoom, and library users.

Czar Kristoff: Part Wall, Part Door, No. ICzar Kristoff






Publications by Czar Kristoff

Research collage Public Library Of by Eva Olthof


CZAR KRISTOFF is an artist who works across photography, video, performance, intervention and publishing. His current practice, which sometimes requires public engagement, is based on his inquiries on memory, identity and the theme of unlearning. His work has been exhibited at Vargas Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, West Gallery, 1335 Mabini, Danselhallerne Copenhagen, Art Dubai Marker, C3 Artspace Melbourne, Atelier de Koekkek Vienna, 24 Wangsan-Ro Gwangju, Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, and Tai Kwun Contemporary Hong Kong. Kristoff is affiliated with Hardworking Goodlooking, a publishing and design hauz interested in decolonization, horror vacui and tropical diaspora. His most recent project, Temporary URL (Un/Re/Learning) Academy, is an experimental school that focuses on de-centering art and cultural production in the Philippines. He lives and works in Laguna, Philippines.

Czar Kristoff is the first Schengen Portal Artist in Residence,  a fictional yet operative ad hoc residency initiated by To Be Determined for chain migration in the arts. It is faithfully supported by hosts, benefactors, visa application letter writers, immigration fixers, and guest relations officers c/o PrintRoom,  NAC >Design Center Philippines  >Communication Design
Association Philippines  >Tiya June & Betty

Eva Olthof’s (Nijmegen, 1983) work often relies on particular historical contexts she unearths from public archives and libraries. She documents and rearranges the history of specific locations and events through fieldwork, systematic archiving and photographic documentation. In the course of this process of selection, she wilfully submits to coincidence, subjectivity and ambiguity. Once she has fully absorbed these narratives, she translates them into installations, publications and performances. Olthof lives and works in Rotterdam and graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. She worked as an artist in residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, CRAC Valparaíso, Chile and at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



Happy holidays from the PrintRoom team!

We’re closed in August but if you are in town and would like to make an appointment, we’ll try to open up for you. Please email printroomnl(at)

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Friday 19 July, 4 – 8 pm | Utopia Nations Remix: A Zine Workshop by Hamja Ahsan in collaboration with Matt Plezier/ Mono Rhetoric

Utopia Nations Remix: A Zine Workshop 

The artist and writer Hamja Ahsan invites you to a zine-making workshop to invent your own nation. Drawing from ideas from his book Shy Radicals and the fictive nation of Asperigistan – a utopic nation-state for shy, quiet, awkward and autistic spectrum peoples.

How can a zine and collage remake a constitution, national emblems, and symbols?

Constitutions of the Netherlands will be remixed with constitutions from around the world. Power systems from everything from teen movies to anti-psychiatry to alternative rock will be investigated, deconstructed and remade.
Ahsan will draw from his 25 years of making, collecting, curating zine cultures and his recent work co-curating DIY Cultures to rethink about the current transnational Zine revival.
How can zines make us question systems of power, officialdom, the mainstream, and authority?

The workshops follows the event ‘Introvert Activism and the Resistful Unseen,’ with the presentation of the book ‘Shy Radicals’ by Hamja Ahsan.
Graphic designer and independent publisher Matt Plezier from Mono Rethoric and Random Zine will join the workshop. He will contribute to the collaborative zine and assist the participants with design choices.
The zine will be printed on our risograph stencilmachine so each participants will leave with a copy.
The price for the workshop is 25 euro, which includes material, drinks and snacks.
The workshop is open for a max. of 10 people.
Please confirm your presence before Wednesday 17th of July by emailing

14 July 2019: Introvert Activism and the Resistful Unseen

Join us for an afternoon with book presentations, an invisible writing demonstration and a performance!

Sunday 14 July, 5pm – 8pm at PrintRoom

Cookbook of Invisible Writing by Amy Suo Wu

Shy Radicals by Hamja Ahsan

In reaction to Hamja Ahsan’s book, Amy Pickles will perform Ecstatic Speech, a polyvocal sound piece that aims to disrupt formal modes of expression through pre-literate means.

Cookbook of Invisible Writing

Written as a response to rampant digital surveillance and censorship, analogue secret communication is explored as a way to resist oppressive visibility and stay unseen in Amy Suo Wu’s Cookbook of Invisible Writing (Onomatopee, 2019). Her artistic research focuses on techniques of secret writing otherwise known as steganography. Used by intelligence agencies, spies, secret lovers, activists, marginalised communities and the like, steganography hides overt communication in plain sight. Amy Suo Wu reactivates these graphic camouflage techniques by exploring their overlooked potential to subvert advanced censorship and surveillance technologies, thereby extending printed paper´s radical potential to circulate freely and out of sight of digital monitoring.

Part colouring book, part cookbook and part puzzle book, Cookbook of Invisible Writing includes recipes for invisible ink,
as well as material to run workshops to inspire creative communication.

Shy Radicals

While some try to stay invisible, others struggle to achieve the exact opposite. We are therefore honoured to welcome Hamja Ahsan, commander in chief of the internationalist movement of the introvert and founder of the Shy People’s Republic of Aspergistan. Looking to overthrow extrovert supremacy Hamja Ahsan published Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert (Book Works, 2017). His militant movement is steadily growing: the book recently reached its third print run. In PrintRoom, Hamja Ahsan will place himself in the spotlight for the quiet and awkward. Wallflowers of the world unite!

6 July: EDIT10N TAUBE PICNIC WORLDTOUR, Chantal Rens & Fucking Good Art & Launch of Hoe je boeken steelt by David Horvitz

Saturday 6 July, 4PM – 8 PM

Location will be announced soon.

3PM Meet-up at PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

The EDIT1ON TAUBE PICNIC WORLD TOUR comes to Rotterdam! To celebrate their 10 year anniversary Edition Taube has gone on tour to organize 10 casual, open-air events with publishers and artists around the world. Now they come to Rotterdam to hang out with us. Picnic blankets mark the spot, one of which is created especially for this Rotterdam picnic by Chantal Rens, who will also join the picnic.

Fucking Good Art editors Nienke Terpsma and Rob Hamelijnck present their latest issue, International Edition: Zurich, What life could be and the ambivalence of success, which revisits and continues the Swiss Issue made during the onset of the economical crisis in 2008.
FGA #38 picks up questions they asked then: What could life be, and what can art contribute to it? It reads as an oral history about time and place, living as an artist, being contemporaries, and sharing a timeframe with specific problems and enchantments.

***A picnic is the most flexible form of organized celebration. Place, duration and participants remain uncontrollable and open until the last moment.***

How to Shoplift Books / Hoe je boeken steelt by David Horvitz

On this occasion PrintRoom and Edition Taube will launch Hoe je boeken steelt, the latest, revised version of David Horvitz’s How to Shoplift Books, translated by Erica van Loon. This practical, inventive and funny guide for the aspiring bibliophile-kleptomaniac was originally published in 2013. This year Edition Taube is dedicated to translate it into 20 different languages by collaborating with other publishing houses and organisations.

For ‘Hoe je boeken steelt’, we’ve adapted some of the original stealing, robbing and looting techniques to the Dutch context. It’s probably the last book you’ll buy. The book will be available during the picnic (price: €9,99, a steal in itself).


14/15/16 June: PrintRoom @ Poetry International, Rotterdam

PrintRoom joins the Poetry International Festival by inviting special guests for a presentation at the bookmarket at the main location: De Doelen. At our table we present a selection of related publications.

“Corresponding Objects” is a mail project and collective experimental translation of the Object poems in Tender Buttons, the 1914-published prose poem collection by Gertrude Stein. It is a continuation of last year’s one-day event “Supposing You Do Not Like To Change: Studies in Translation,” initiated by Kate Briggs and Moosje Goosen at Babel Bookspace, PrintRoom’s temporary project space  at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Nicole Jordan will invite poetry visitors to create ‘Exquisite corpse poems’ with her, based on her poetry book ’89, which she published last year and presented at our Babel Bookspace in the programme: With Love from Kingstone.

19 June: The Big Blank – Riso workshop by Wobby.Club

6.30 – 9.30 pm at PrintRoom

For this workshop we invited Marjolein Schalk, chief editor of the brilliant Riso printed magazine Wobby, to share her kitchen secrets with us. The theme of this workshop is ‘The Big Blank’, which is the same as the upcoming 18th issue of Wobby. Experiment with analogue or digital printing, using the vibrant colours of the Riso inks.

You will leave Printroom with a limited edition of your own two-colour Risoprints.

The workshop is for beginners and more experienced Riso enthusiasts.

Materials: We will have a mix of materials for you but you can also bring your own favourite drawing materials. Please bring your own laptop (if you have one) if you’d like to work from digital files.

You can make your analogue artwork on the spot or bring your prepared digital files (colour separated in greyscale, psd or PDF).

We will select some reference material from our collection, but feel free to bring your own! These can be books, photographs, textures, pictures, drawings or any other reference material around the theme.

Costs: 35 euro plus VAT

Price includes printing and drawing materials.

Marjolein Schalk is a Tilburg based illustrator, co founder of and chief editor of Wobby.

Since 2015 publishes and prints the independent Risograph magazine Wobby four times a year, with various guest artists next to other artist books, zines and prints.

The collective regularly organises projects and events, connecting artists and public at exhibitions like Wobbyaanland (LocHal Tilburg), the live radio show Radio WobTit and the zine fest Wobby Wonderland.

In the past PrintRoom invited the Riso chefs from Knust, Nijmegen, Hato Press from London and Topo Copy from Ghent (a.o.) to take over our Riso kitchen in order to share knowledge and enthousiasm for self-publishing – and printing!