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17.07.21 14 Trees of Rotterdam – book presentation by Alice Ladenburg  + city walk with talks by guest speakers

15:00 welcome and introduction at Rijnhoutplein Rotterdam

15:30 walk to 2 trees featured in the guide

17:00 drinks at PrintRoom

We meet at Rijnhoutplein (1 min walk from PrintRoom) where one of the protagonists of the book is situated: a Chinese Windmill Palm – planted there in 2007 as part of the move to integrate Rotterdam’s diverse cultural history and present into city urban developments. From here we will visit two other trees that are featured in the book, in the vicinity of PrintRoom. We are very happy to welcome five distinguished experts who will share their specific knowledge in relation to trees from the fields of architectural history, biology, dendrology and tree activism.   

Guest speakers:
🍀 Herman van Bergeijk – architectural historian TU Delft
🍂 Pim Janse – Stichting De Bomenridders
☘️ Ronald Loch – Advisor Trees, Municipality Rotterdam
🍁 Kees Moeliker – director Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam
🍃 Frans Smith – Cool Down City

A limited number of people can join the walk. Reserving is mandatory. Please make a reservation through under the subject 14 Trees.

🌳🥾All talks will be in Dutch🐞☀️

14 Trees of Rotterdam – a Guide for City Exploration

Rotterdam is known for its innovative and futuristic architecture. But it is also a city of trees – living things that can also be interpreted as architectural monuments central to urban life. Focusing on fourteen trees in central Rotterdam, this guide gives a fascinating insight to the city from historical, cultural and botanical perspectives.

Design by Peter Foolen and Alice Ladenburg, published by Peter Foolen Editions and PrintRoom

The Chinese Windmill Palm at Rijnhoutplein will be the point of departure.

The tree silhouettes presented in this book are made using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

AL: ‘TLS is a technology using laser pulses to create ‘point clouds’ to capture the 3D structure of an environment. The technique is used for detailed tree measurement, making for progressive forestry research which contributes to new environmental understandings. Visualisations such as those in this guide are increasingly used to illustrate tree architecture (i.e. its structure and shape) – which is now known to determine how a tree interacts with its environment.’

More information:
Alice Ladenburg undertakes individual and collaborative projects in a range of mediums including video, photography, drawing and performance. Often nomadic in nature, many of her projects playfully capture times and places to give structure to human experiences of the complex, and at times irrational, world we live in today. Over the past five years she has also been developing new art-science research methods and modes of presentation in academia, working collaboratively and across disciplines to reflect upon the nature of individual observation, knowledge and creativity. Both research and production based, this work is influenced by scientific methodologies, but does not set out to explain results or prove a hypothesis, rather portray an individual understanding of any given subject, time or place. This investigative process considers visual, audio and written observations as ‘data’ to be ‘analysed’, ‘processed’ and finally presented in a variety of formats and environments.

She trained in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art (graduating 2008), and received a TECHNE grant from the Arts and Humanities Research council to undertake a masters degree in Cultural Geography at the Royal Holloway University of London (2015). She has undertaken and presented work at a broad range of institutions including The Institute of Economic Research and Innovation at Tshwane University, South Africa, the geography departments at the University of Edinburgh and Royal Holloway University of London, the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University and the Amsterdam Research Institute for the Arts & Sciences. She currently lives and works in Rotterdam.  PrintRoom’s programme is kindly supported by the Mondrian Fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam

03.07.21 PrintRoom @ Rijnhoutplein Festival ~Ulufer Çelik and Alaa Abu Asad: Moedertaal / Beeldverhaal

PrintRoom and Invalid Atelier present:  Moedertaal / Beeldverhaal by Ulufer Çelik & Alaa Abu Asad 

A Live translation and publishing workshop, (creating posters and silkscreen on textile, by the artists, Invalid Atelier and the PrintRoom team. You’re invited

This new edition of Rijnhoutplein Festival takes place on Saturday 3rd July from 13.00 to 17.00.
Live music, a fashion show, workshops (for a green Rijnhoutplein) for children and adults!

Do you know what şemsiye means?

Do you use the word kırbaç for whip?

Have you been very  مشغول   lately?

What is distance in your mother tongue?

How would you draw breath?

Flyers and posters by @c3n_g1z

Come by to draw and translate words in your mother tongue during the workshop Moedertaal/Beeldverhaal Anadil/hikaye ve suret  لغة الأمّ/صورة وحكاية together with artists Ulufer Çelik & Alaa Abu Asad and contribute to the festive garlands of words and drawings that we will be hanging transversely over the square!

More Info:

[First name] Alaa [surname] Abu Asad (عَلاء أبو أسعد) is an artist, researcher, and photographer. His practice is centred around developing and experiencing alternative trajectories where values of (re)presentation, translation, viewing, reading, and understanding intersect.

Ulufer Çelikis an artist, who lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her artistic practice explores the potentialities of narrative and myth-making, that is expressed through moving image, poetry, drawing, sound and performance. In her work, she constructs on multi-layered planes through a non-linear perception of time. She searches for queer, immigrant, feminist ways of making and thinking with the archeological, spiritual and spatial traces of memory.

Both artists have completed the MA Art Praxis program at the Dutch Art Institute Arnhem in 2018.

The idea for the workshop Moedertaal/Beeldverhaal Anadil/hikaye ve suret  لغة الأمّ/صورة وحكاية is based on their project and book I love it when translation can be found to agree with our weird desires published in 2017:

Do you know what does şemsiye mean? Do you use the word kırbaç for a whip? For around two years, we have been collecting identical words used in both of our languages of Turkish and (vernacular) Palestinian Arabic. A process that can last for good – as long as our friendship lives. We spend time together uttering words that are in common and draw them, whether they carry the same meaning, were slightly different, or were false friends.’

18.06.21 Presentation Publisher-in-Residence El Corruptor (Colombia)

14:00-19:00 at PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17

Join us on Friday 18 June for an afternoon with our Publisher-in-Residence El Corruptor! A project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented in history, media and art.

El Corruptor will present two publications printed during their residency: Side Guys and El Orto, a facsimile of El Otro magazine. On view are a selection of publications by El Corruptor themselves and admired artists from Colombia – specially curated for this occasion, a unique and one of a kind chance to view these publications in The Netherlands!

Side Guys is a compilation of drawings and stories by El Corruptor- whore collective. For it they asked their friends what they do while waiting for a hook-up to arrive at their place. With that information, they made 9 drawings that escort three short stories in which they talk about the concept of value, broken hearts, monogamous and open relationships, power and worth.

El Orto (The Arsehole) is an inaccurate facsimile of El Otro (The Other) which is considered the first gay magazine in Colombia, and was edited by Leon Zuleta in the city of Medellin between 1977 and 1979. In El Orto (The Arsehole) El Corruptor gathers and analyses 6 issues of the legendary publication. The magazine has it all: mysterious lesbians, how to be your own biggest fan, fagbags, brainy articles, hand-drawn advertising and more!

Following the tradition of the Colombian ‘onces’ (afternoon snack) El Corruptor will make for their guests the Colombian speciality Chicha de arroz and cold Aguadepanela! Colombian coffee, chocolate and snacks will be present as well.

El Corruptor will be there all afternoon to hang out, chat, answer questions and sign their books with a kiss! 

More info:

El Corruptor is an art project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented in history, media and art. We like men, we like to look at men, draw them, taste them, and use them. After years of observation of the male body, we have learned about sexuality, gender, desire, class, race, nature and history. We understand, then, masculinity as a cluster of concepts that battles for the dominance of bodies, regardless of sex. Therefore, our role is to play with all these concepts to find what is possible to do with them. 

Originally initiated as an editorial project, El Corruptor works with drawings, illustrations, publications, animation, texts, and sound. The way these mediums are approached is heavily influenced by a drawing and collage mindset. Moreover, we only want to have fun, and pleasure is the original condition of all our projects. 

El Corruptor has worked with Daily life Storage, Oasis, Bulto and Queer Archive Institute Colombia.

PrintRoom’s Programme is kindly supported by the Mondrian Fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam. 

PrintRoom Schietbaanstraat 17 Rotterdam


📦🖨️ Print Jam – XXLIQUIDATION TOTALEXX 🖨️📦 with publisher and Riso expert Paul John, publisher in residence El Corruptor and the PrintRoom Team
We were thrilled to have @pjpjpjpjpjpjpjpj on Saturday 30th May for a print jam and instruction session – as well as for a nice lunch in the☀️

Paul John is publisher of Endless Editions, co-organiser of the Brooklyn Art Book Fair and currently Riso-chef at the Jan Van Eyck Academie. He joined the team for a Riso PrintJAM, to say one last goodbye to our Temporary Take Away; the PrintRoom risography workspace at Rijnhoutplein, before the upcoming “liquidation totale” of this location, that has been affecting us and our lovely neighbours. 

For the occasion we translated our mixed feelings about the fast changing neighbourhood onto paper to generate some awareness. We created a fun and colorful alphabet, where letters have been drawn, cut out, overlapped, scanned (from found objects at the workshop) with our two duplicators and printed on test prints from previous projects. What better way to celebrate this transition and our collaborators than by printing a bold statement and sticking it to our windows?

We had a great time and can’t wait to have another workshop together in the future! 

Team members: Cengiz Menguc, Teuntje Fleur and our interns Carolina Cristallo, Juliette Douette and Izi Thexton

9.4.21 – 18.6.21: Meet PrintRoom’s new Publisher-in Residence!

We’re excited to introduce our Publisher-in-Residence Daniel Iglesias Gonzalez (Colombia), member of ‘El Corruptor’, a project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented. Daniel will be in residence at PrintRoom from 9 April – 15 May 2021, during which time he will be working on an inaccurate facsimile of El Otro, the first gay magazine in Colombia, focused on the production of texts that reflect upon homosexuality in Colombia. Daniel will also produce Side Guys, a publication about the commodification of love, monogamy, and how the ‘marketing mentality’ affects the way we relate to each other. Daniel will be digging into PrintRoom’s archive for inspiration, and contribute to the archive by sharing his favourite publishers and some of his findings in relation to his work and experiences via PrintRoom’s Quarantine in the Archive mail project. 



Every Friday between 9 April-15 May, 13:00-17:00
Daniel will be present in the PrintRoom shop to work on his projects and answer your questions. He will also host weekly collage workshops including online sessions with his connections from Colombia. Following the tradition of the Colombian ‘onces’ (afternoon snack), Colombian coffee, chocolate and cookies will be present! If you would like to visit PrintRoom during those hours, please book your timeslot via 


Friday 30 April, 13:00-14:00
Meet Daniel during a lunch in our garden and discuss your publishing work. Information on how to sign up to this event will follow soon. 

The Collage Colab 

Collage workshop with invited publishers and friends, from Colombia, the Netherlands and Belgium.  

More information will follow soon!

Daniel Iglesias Gonzalez’ (1988, Colombia) practice involves drawing, understood as a mindset that allows approaching the world that surrounds him. When he draws, he studies an object, a subject, or a topic, and the result of that reflection is a temporary thought expression in a visual form. With this, Daniel is trying to say that his drawings are not final pieces that condense an opinion or expression, but rather comment on ongoing thoughts drawn from his interest in masculinity, sexuality, desire, gender, nature and colonialism. 

As part of his practice, Daniel uses mediums like video, voice and text. The way he approaches those is heavily influenced by the mindset of someone who draws. When he has no idea what to do, he draws; when he has ideas, he draws them. 

El Corruptor is an art project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented. We like men, we like to see men, draw them, taste them, and use them. After years of observation of the male body, we have learned about sexuality, gender, desire, class, race, nature and history. We understand, then, masculinity as a cluster of concepts that battles for the dominance of bodies, regardless of sex. Therefore, our role is to play with all these concepts to find what is possible to do with them. 

Originally initiated as an editorial project, El Corruptor works with drawings, illustrations, publications, animation, texts, and sound. The way these mediums are approached is heavily influenced by a drawing and collage mindset. Moreover, we only want to have fun, and pleasure is the original condition of all our projects. 

El Corruptor has worked with Daily life Storage, Oasis, Bulto and Queer Archive Institute Colombia. 

✨📚 PrintRoom at Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair 24 – 28 Feb 2021

We’re participating in the first Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair (PMVABF) from February 24–28, 2021, with more than 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries. 

Over the course of five days, we’ll join the PMVABF marketplace where people can learn about and purchase books from all over the globe. Visitors can attend a large variety of free, live and pre-recorded presentations, organised by Printed Matter as well as the participating artists, publishers and institutions. 

PrintRoom will be available for conversations over our digital table – but also at our Temporary Take Away at the Rijnhoutplein in Rotterdam, where a fair table has been set up for local visitors (one at a time at the moment ;-). 

In the virtual sphere we’ll hang out with befriended publishers, purchase books for the shop and archive and make a wishlist for our future programme. 

Eva Posas, publisher, curator and researcher from Mexico, currently in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy, opened our offline table today! We met in 2011 at an art book fair in Mexico DC and have been in touch since then, meeting each other annually at art book fairs. 

Feed Me!

Window exhibition by Lisa Blaauwbroek at PrintRoom’s Temporary Take Away – Until 28 February 

Feed Me involves an exchange between Lisa, her instagram audience and local restaurants. Since the second lockdown in the Netherlands, Lisa creates drawings of food she is interested in eating and shares them on instagram. To purchase a drawing, you can order the pictured meal for Lisa at a local restaurant as take-away- and by doing so, support both the artist and the restaurant industry in Rotterdam.

Veggies and Fruit

A special Riso print edition by Lisa Blaauwbroek to support the Food Bank (Voedselbank) in the Netherlands. All proceeds from this print will go to this cause.
Email us if you’d like to pick up a print from our Temporary Take Away. A print costs 30 euros (plus shipping if you’d like us to send it to you). 
Our Temporary Take Away – Riso workshop is open by appointment only.
Window exhibition is open 24/7 🙂 
Van Speijkstraat 190 / Rijnhoutplein
(2 min. walk from our headquarters).

12.12.2020, 13.00 – 17.00: celebration of the Inexistent Books presentation at PrintRoom and new books, prints and editions at our Temporary Take Away location

Inexistent Books: catalogue and special editions

In collaboration with and Jan Steinbach, we printed special editions to coincide with the Inexistent Times; the catalogue of the Inexistent Books collection which we present until January 17th 2021.

Email us (at info at printroom dot org) if you would like a catalogue with an edition and we can send it to you. Editions by: Christiane Blattmann, Bia Bittencourt, David Horvitz, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Slow Reading Club, Thomas Geiger and Florence Jung. Design of the Inexistent Times by Jan Steinbach.

01.12.20 – 17.01.21 Inexistent Books

PrintRoom presents the third edition of Inexistent Books, initiated by Jan Steinbach (

Inexistent Books questions the invisible in times of contemporary hypervisibility and explores the utopian potential of the art book. To this end artists have submitted publications that deal with non- existence or the outright refusal to exist at all.

B., Bia Bittencourt, Cassie Thornton, Christiane Blattmann, Claudia De La Torre, Elisabeth Tonnard, José Quintanar, Fiona Banner, Florence Jung, H.P. Blavatsky & Sun Ra, Hammann von Mier, Jenny Rova, Kasper Andreasen, Lars Dyrendom, Lisa Mühleisen, Martijn in ’t Veld, Nusserglazova, Sara MacKillop, Slow Reading Club, Sophie Nys, Stefano Calligaro, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Thomas Geiger, Villa Design Group and Yoshinori Niwa.
The book collection was first presented at I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel and Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich.

For this edition we printed a special edition by David Horvitz, Bia Bittencourt, Christiane Blattmann, Sveinn Fannar, a.o. Read all about the collection in your copy of Inexistent Times, to be picked up for free at PrintRoom.

20.11.20: Launch of 15 03 20 and Opening of PrintRoom’s Temporary Take-Away

19.00 – 20.00 at Leeszaal, Rijnhoutplein 3

15 03 20 is the first publication of Notes on Hapticity Collective, published by PrintRoom. There will be an introductory talk by Karolina Rupp and Hannah Dawn Henderson, as well as artist talks by Tomasz Skibicki and Kees van Leeuwen. 

PrintRoom’s Temporary Take Away

20 November 2020 – 10 January 2021 :

At this not-so-typical take-away, visitors can order from a menu of printed matter. Our Riso chefs will be working tirelessly to keep up with orders, printing work by invited artists throughout the duration of our Temporary Take-Away. You can also come in to use our Riso kitchen with your own files and print on demand with assistance from our Riso chefs. 

With a purchase made at a local restaurant take-away, you will receive the Free Baklava print by Lisa Blaauwbroek when you visit our space! (see below for more information). Also be on the lookout for Wild Cards around the neighbourhood— on bulletin boards, at local shop counters…they are various prizes to be redeemed at our Take-Away, such as a free hour of Riso printing or a set of our new wrapping papers.

We hope that PrintRoom’s Temporary Take-Away will be a space to generate support for artists, and local businesses and communities.

Dessert: Installation of the Free Baklava print project by Lisa Blaauwbroek, Side dish: Gilles de Brock at the RAAM MAAR window; Daily Special: Riso printed wallpaper by Cengiz Menguç

More information:

Feed me
At the start of the second lockdown in the Netherlands, when all Dutch horeca had to close, Lisa Blaauwbroek (1990) launched her project ‘Feed me’ on her Instagram-page. Every day she makes a drawing of a dish that she would like to eat or drink. If someone from her audience orders the dish for her, they receive the drawing! This way she’s both supporting the horeca and herself, while drawing (and eating!) delicious food.

Free Baklava!
Printroom, located in the city centre of Rotterdam, is also seeing their horeca-neighbours struggling because of the lockdown. We collaborated with Lisa and made a series of risoprinted baklavas, based on her drawing. If you get yourself a take-out meal in a café or restaurant located near PrintRoom, show us your receipt – you’ll get a free baklava print from us for dessert! 

Postponed: Launch of 15 03 20 by Notes on Hapticity Collective

UPDATE: The book launch has had to be postponed. We will announce a new date as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can still check out Towards a Foreword. Stay tuned!
Email us if you’d like to receive the publication. The price is 10 euro and this week we’ll ship it for free within the Netherlands. 

PrintRoom @ De Leeszaal, Rijnhoutplein 3, (1 min walk from PrintRoom)

 15 03 20 is created in response to the limitations that the lockdown period placed on the collective’s activities. The publication considers the possibilities for collective practice and making contact with an audience under the ongoing conditions. 15 03 20 is published parallel to the exhibition Towards a Foreword at PrintRoom’s temporary space at Rijnhoutplein, across Leeszaal.

With contributions by: Hannah Dawn Henderson, Elena Kostenko-Lefebvre, Kees van Leeuwen, Grigoris Rizakis, Karolina Rupp, Tomasz Skibicki, Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau

We’d like to thank Stroom Den Haag for supporting the activities of Hapticity Collective.

PrintRoom’s programme is kindly supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Mondrian Fund, and the City of Rotterdam.