Het Wilde Weten August 27 September 25 2004

With: Stencil workshop by Extrapool / Knust (Nijmegen NL)

Participants: Jason Coburn, Nina Höchtl, Markus Rummens, Arjen de Jong, Floor Wesselink and others

And: “offTHEwall”

posters collected by

John Mandelberg & Xavier Meade

‘offTHEwall is a selection of

pieces from the personal collections of John Mandelberg and Xavier Meade –

bringing together examples from Mexico and Poland, and spanning almost 50

years. Despite their age and distance traveled, each poster still feels

current and relevant – their sheer graphic impact, attitude and playfulness

will win you over, regardless of whether you’re interested in graphic

design or visual culture in general. And since so many designers are still

trying to reinvent the 70s this gives an unparalleled opportunity to see how

much better it all looked first time round…’

(Nick Spratt, RM, Auckland, NZ)


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