27 October 7 – 10 pm: PrintRoom’s Pick from the NY Art Book Fair 2017

PrintRoom was in NY for the annual art book fair organised by Printed Matter. We celebrate this year’s harvest with fair exhibitors and a selection of the books we brought back for you. 
Presentations by:
– Tania Prill: Under the Radar: Underground Zines and  Self-Publications 1965 – 1975,
– Bik Van der Pol : WERE IT AS IF & School of Missing Studies
– Werkplaats Typografie (WT)
members:  —  Line Gry-Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin Gewinner
– a presentation of the new finds from the Fair, introduced by PrintRoom
 Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975, 
Tania Prill, Swiss graphic designer and co-editor of the book Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications will introduce the audience into the world of hectographs, mimeographs, and offset printing of the mid-1960s when small, low-cost print runs with their unique aesthetic were developed: using wild mock-ups, “messianic amateurs” combined typescript aesthetics, handwriting, scribbled drawings, assemblages of collaged visuals, porn photos, snapshots, and comic strips. This book is the first to present the underground and self-published works that came out of West Germany in such depth, while also showing the international context in which they emerged: not as an anecdotal history but as an attempt to tap into the aesthetic cosmos of a Do-It-Yourself rebellion, one that also challenges us to take a new look at the current boom in “independent publishing”, the risograph aesthetic, and so on. Published by Spector Books

The book follows their exhibition WERE IT AS IF at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, and includes different views enlisting the power, and value over time, of fragments and traces as springs of provocation. What does it mean to form a “collection of traces” of a contemporary art institute? Can staging a history through exhibition fragments be seen as an act of resistance pitting against the constant task of accumulation?
School of Missing Studies
The School of Missing Studies started in 2003 as an initiative of artists and architects who recognized “the missing” as a matter of urgency. Investigating what culture(s) laid the foundations for the loss we are experiencing from modernization and how this loss can talk back to us as a potential site of learning. Published by Sternberg Press and Sandberg Institute

Fruits of Fraud
by Werkplaats Typografie (WT) members:  —  Line Gry-Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin Gewinner
Approaches to what? It’s time to reflect and question things. Particularly the common goods. Those certain ones, which make the personal cravings of materiality reach the abstract and inner landscape of values. What is it about these t-shirts, records, benches, fish tanks, lamps, wine books, bike rain covers, natural pigments, agendas, playing cards and therapy bowls of ours? Is it reflections of market movements, guilty pleasures, memorabilia? Werkplaats Typografie will present an inventory of items, exhausted and for sale.
Books by:

14 October 2017, 2.30 – 6 pm: Remember, Resist and Remake Reading Group by Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Kaireh

Join Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Khaireh for an informal reading group covering seminal text‘Rethinking Aesthetics’ by Sylvia Wynter with consideration to migration routes into Western cities and navigating social spaces as documented and undocumented citizens.


In collaboration with Printroom, the research and discoveries that arise from this session will be used to produce printed matter (pamphlets and posters) in the political​style of protest art for ​free ​distribution to the public​.

​ Supporting this session we will be using ethnographic examples from the squatters movement in the UK and NL.
Wanna join us at the reading group? 

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8 October 2017, RAINWATER AUTUMN ALE // 8 years of the ‘Buitenbrouwerij’ // NETbook

Together with beer lovers & / specialists & / gardeners & / artists & / designers we’ll celebrate the 8th anniversary of Henriette de Waal’s ‘Buitenbrouwerij’; the mobile beer-brew installation that will be installed at SNV for this day of collective re-skilling, knowledge-sharing and story telling.
We’ll also use this day to prepare the next edition of NETbooks*, a Riso-printed publication and self reliance project by PrintRoom.

All participants are invited to bring fresh rainwater and autumn leaves, which we will use as the basis for the Rainwater Autumn Ale that we’ll brew on this day. While learning all about the brewing process, we’ll share and collect experiences, stories and ideas as well as images, recipes, conversations for the publication.

Henriette Waal will take care for a selection of beers to taste. When you’re a beer brewer yourself, please let us know and bring some of your creations to share with us.

While the yeast is doing it’s work, PrintRoom and Henriette will compile an issue of NETbook out of the shared experiences, stories and knowledge.
We’ll launch our RAINWATER AUTUMN ALE NETbook when the beer is ready, date to be announced!

Henriëtte Waal is a designer who ‘fell into’ beer brewing while researching ways to purify water. By now she’s an expert, while she keeps the experimental approach: brewing with a focus on the social, ethical, and cultural function of beer. With her beers Henriëtte Waal can capture the imagination of a wider audience, which isn’t always easy in the art scene. She sees beer brewing as a means to taste our surrounding, connecting with it in new ways.
To mention some of the ingredients she’s used before: seawater, cucumber, potatoes, wild plants, snow, …


29.09.2017 PrintRoom @ Stedelijk Book Club, Amsterdam

PrintRoom joins the Stedelijk Book Club event! OFF Print Library invited 6 bookshops as part of the programme.
Printed Matter, Inc. (US), PrintRoom (NL), San Serriffe (NL), Section 7 Books (FR) and ORAIBI + BECKBOOKS (CH).

‘And more than anything, within the publishing world, the «bookshop », embodies such a fragile yet authentic resistance to the technological imperium. Outdated business, accumulating pleasantly human «finitude » defects (limited space, limited quantity, limited opening hours….), it incarnates a contemporary version of the former salon: a space for experimenting new values and new practices.’

PrintRoom’s table at the Stedelijk Book Club: Becoming invisible – Ian Whittlesea – The Everyday Press


21 – 24 September: PrintRoom @ the NY Art Book Fair 2017

The hottest and most vibrant days of independent publishing are here again: The NY Art Book Fair organised by Printed Matter. We’re there to meet the publishers we love and admire, discover new publishing projects, join the program of talks, conversations and readings and we’ll bring back a broad selection from the fair to present at PrintRoom at the end of October.


24 – 30 July 2017: Holiday in the Archive – PrintRoom @ Centre des livres d’artistes

Holiday in the Archive

A chance encounter with a folder on coincidence – “Toeval” in the Centre des livres d’artistes (Cdla) – inspired a foraging system that enabled our exploration of the archive. Inventing categories of words with the second letter punctuated with an O created a metaphorical peephole through which to view the the contents of the boxes.

We have extracted selected items from the condensed collection of publications, conversations and exchanges between artists in the archive and redistributed them to people we think will find the collection of interest. Sending the archive on holiday.

Karin de Jong, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Asnate Bočkis, Yin Yin Wong, Antoine Lefebvre, Kate Briggs, Arnaud Desjardin.

Holiday in the Archive is a project by PrintRoom with thanks to Didier Mathieu at Cdla.


14 – 16 July 2017: PrintRoom joins Miss Read, The Berlin Art Book Festival

PrintRoom joins Miss Read

We’ll bring a selection of books by artists, publishers and designers who joined our programme in the past years and we’ll return with a selection of books from the fair for our shop. We’re looking forward to seeing you there – or come and see the new books soon!

PrintRoom will be closed these days