Saturday 15 March, 3 – 5 pm: Game Group Reading Club Nr. 3

For the upcoming session the focus will be on the relation between Art & Games: how games can be applied as a creative method in the visual arts; the wide range of possibilites that the appropriation of “play” opens for artists; and the notion of game as an activity that requires a certain kind of participation. Game is a medium to generate meaning through experience. It is true that this kind of experience is artificially created and, when one sees a game from outside, can be easily considered as banal. But (and this is very important) in order to be able to understand a game, first of all – one must play it.
Guest speaker Micah Hrehovcsik has selected the text Games, The New Lively Art by Henry Jenkins (in the attachment). It addresses, in a rather provocative way, whether games should be considered an art form. Although it focuses on video games, it can be easily extrapolated to games in general. Micah is a game researcher, game designer and theorist. He works as a consultant and delivers workshops to various game research groups and centers. Micah holds an MA degree in Art and Technology, Game design & Development. He is currently working on his MPhil thesis on game design tools.

For further information about the GGRC project:

For further research on the session’s theme, check the seminar held in MoMA:
Critical Play: The Game as an Art Form (May 2012)

Saturday 18.01.2014, 12 – 2 pm:
Game Group Reading Club, initiated by David Maroto
Let us know if you would like to participate, or just drop by for a visit.

‘In the first half of 2014 I am going to develop a mini-circle, the overlapping between 1st Circle and 2nd Circle that began with The South Highway. It will be formed by three pieces: a new Gamebook (The Wheel of Fortune), a collective game event (Decide Your Destiny), and an installation (La Escala de la Vida). This new circle is a hybrid artistic experiment that unites both my fields of interest, games and narrative fiction. The gamebook will be published by Onomatopee (Eindhoven). It is intended that the creative process becomes public with the collaboration of Rotterdam-based organizations ADA and PrintRoom, and will find continuation during its public presentation in Onomatopee Project Space.

Artists’ creative process is usually a solitary enterprise carried out in the isolation of one’s studio. But, in the case of this project, it will be opened up by means of the organization of a Game Group Reading Club (GGRC), which will integrate collective participation in the creative process itself. GGRC is formed by a group that will engage in discussions concerning games, art and literature, notions of playability, participation, fiction and identification.

This new process will incorporate elements for collective reflection and playing, and it takes Roland Barthes’ The Preparation of the Novel as main reference. There will be guest speakers that will introduce some new texts for discussion. Attendants to the GGRC will be able to discuss the gamebook and give their feedback whilst in the making, which will be assimilated to the work. The group is heterogeneous; it includes game designers, graphic designers, writers, artists, curators, and anyone who might be interested in the project.’

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